Patch 030 Information

Greetings Nevarethians,

This patch in unworthy of a custom name because it does not have much content. But that doesn't mean the conent it has, its not important. Why is that?

  1. It prepares the client for big future updates, such as Frozen Coliseum, Edge of Phantom, Legendary Arena, etc.
  2. It gives 50% more stability on Windows 10
  3. It uses English language files now
  4. Brings cool new graphics on login screen
  5. Corrects alot of item names
  6. And most important for the moment: A new drop table all together correcting all miss calculations

So, you decide if it should have a name !

Best Autumn Screenshot Competition


Event: Best Autumn Screenshot competition
Period: 15 October - 01 November
Reward: Any Costume/Avatar/Weapon Skin

Simply reply with your ingame name and screenshot
- Must not be Photoshoped
- Must contain screenshot from our server?


Greetings Nevarethians,

October is a spooktacular month to visit Nevareth and be part of adventures that are just around the corner! In a time full of fright, our seasonal event will keep you occupied and your bags full of treats! So while you get a taste for what’s coming, don’t forget to clear your inventory because the extra space will be needed.

In this year’s CABALLOWEEN, heroes will hunt down the LANTERNS that invaded Nevareth and get their Halloween Tickets. Heroes of all levels will have a chance to collect TICKETS and exchange them for much-needed TREATS! Each treat has the chance to drop something...divine. YUL from Green Despair will help you with that.

- Added Halloween monsters in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair, Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground.
- Added Halloween Bosses in Pontus Ferum, Porta Inferno and Arcane Trace

The event will take place between 21 October - 6 November

About Patch Lazarus

Greetings Nevarethians,

Many of you might know the October patch has been already applied due to its important content so we had time to work on the new future patch that will be applied soon [no release date] , but we estimate somewhere at the beginning of the Ocober

Also, some of the small features might have been already implemented so you might get confused because of that.

Some of the important features we want to talk about are:

- Ingame Webshop
- A new stable client with a more secured cabalmain.exe
- YUL EVENT will begin this Saturday 30 october

Read more about it on our forums.


October Patch
With the occasion of 1st Month Anniversary we are pushing quite a large patch on the server including new item sets, new Shop items and some cool Event items.

Read more about it on our forums.


Future Events - 1 Month Anniversary

Event: Weekends are Double

During September the weekends will provide double EXP. This means 16-17 and 23-24 September. Only the Experience will be doubled.

Event: 1 Month Anniversary

Starting with 01 October Bamboo drops will start falling in Nevareth, altough, this time, in only certain maps and different rewards. Bamboo Leaf will drop from Eternal Chaos Arena and Chaos of Infinity and Bamboo Shots from the following Dungeons: Panic Cave, Hazardous Valley, Lava Hellfire, Catacomb Frost and Steamer Crazy.

The event will last 2 weeks from 01 to 15 October. Yul NPC can be found in Green Despair.

Event: Unique Monster Name

We want to rename two popular world Bosses , the Plant Giant and Elder Lich. We can rename them with your choosing name. Post a screenshot while you attack the boss with your party on Discord and tell us a small story about the Boss that will wear your name.

Period: 15 Sept - 15 October

Reward: Costume + 150 Bamboo Leaves and Shots

Event de Weekend
Starting with 00:01 09 September Server Time until 23:59 10 Sept. Server Time:

- Double item drop for all server
- Hide'n Seek Events with nice rewards
- Crit&Amp Scrolls added in LID/RS/B1F/IC1/AOS1
- Bamboo Leaves and Bamboo Shots added in all drops
- Special items at YUL in Green Despair

Good luck & Have fun

Intra pe Discord pentru mai multe detalii.


Serverul este Online

Nevareth Season I

Today the server is live and open to everybody, thus marking the beginning of Season I of Nevareth Cabal. What does it mean? At the end of every Season top 25 players from each ranking will receive special rewards, and all players simple rewards. At the end of every Season some Databases will be wiped and resetted and some new features or items will be implemented. This Season will end on 15th January 2018 and we will decide together what will the new Season bring.

Astazi serverul se deschide pentru toata lumea marcand inceputul Sezonului I al serverului Nevareth. Ce inseamna asta? La sfarsitul fiecarui sezon, jucatorii din top 25 vor primi premii deosebite iar restul jucatorilor premii mai mici. La sfarsitul fiecarui sezon, anumite baze de date for fi sterse si resetate si noi functionalitati sau iteme vor fi adaugate. Acest Sezon se va termina pe 15 Ianuarie 2018 si pana atunci putem decide impreuna ce schimbari facem in urmatorul Sezon.  

Note: This being the first Season of our server, you might encounter bugs and problems. If reported correctly, everything should be fixed in time.

See you ingame,
Elder from CAOR


Server Beta

Serverul este momentan accesibil insa in perioada de dezvoltare. Daca ai aflat intamplator de noi, te rugam sa ne ajuti sa testam functiile jocului. Pentru acest lucru, vei fi rasplatit cand vom deschide oficial serverul, in luna Septembrie.

Exista posiblitatea unui character wipe insa ne vom asigura ca recompensa va fi pe masura.

Intra pe Discord pentru mai multe detalii.


22 October 16:47
Capella 86 -- 75 Procyon
53% 47%



Level: 200
Class: Force Archer
Nation: Capella